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Charter & Meeting Minutes
Euharlee Institute 1896-1909

These are the digital scans of the original ledger containing the handwritten charter of the Euharlee Institute along with the Board of Trustees minutes from 1896-1909.

*Some files are larger than others and may take a moment to load.


Hidden in the Records: Nameless No More

Ongoing project looking into the lives & stories of the enslaved & freed people of Euharlee, Stilesboro, Macedonia and other close communities.

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Who were the early settlers of Euharlee & why did they come here.

A more in-depth look into the genealogy of the early settlers of Euharlee and why they came here and from where?

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Genealogy of Euharlee

A look at family trees of early Euharlee settlers.

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Historical Church Minutes of the Euharlee Presbyterian Church.

Ongoing project of digitizing the church minutes and extracting names. circa 1852-1900

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old document.jpg
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